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That's how I cleared out the blockage of mine too.
Help me to understand what you wrote please.
If a barrel has blockage in and around its firing channel which I believe is located in its breech area (if I'm not mistaken?) How does a fresh charge compacted in front of that channel area manage to clear the blockage in-behind it?_

Reason I ask. I had a friend give me his cap lock rifle to see what I could do to help it fire reliably again. I asked what powder He used and was told it was fed Substitute Propellent type 2FF loose powders from day one. After inspection. I could tell His barrel was more than an 1" short cone to breech. Luckily I took my breech scraper and to my surprise found and had to remove a ball & some sort of charge. Proceeding on with the scraper I then removed more that an inch of some sort of material that resembled hard compacted gritty fly ash. Question: Is it noted that a constant use of Propellent type powders like pyrodex and others will indeed create that kind of situation over time? As I've never seen that happen with Gorex B/P usage in all the years I've used it. (2FF & 3FFF)

Even after I pulled its ball. I highly believe it was still unable to be fired in its un-scraped condition.__(just so much foreign material I had to scrap out before hand.)

Hmm. I missed reading that # 9 post somehow. >Sorry about that guys. And thanks to mykeal for help in clarity

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