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Oh its great. Just cleaned up the colt as best I could. I think my kit will be in on Thursday and will take it down and give it a good cleaning.

Question, using a plain jane semi-auto 9mm, I think it was a ruger, I can hit a pretty tight group at 21ft and near center of mass on the target. Starting out with the Colt today the pattern was pretty wide spread as I expected not shooting it before and just with a front sight and the grooved barrel top. Once I got familiar with the sighting I could shoot a pretty good group but it was high left. I think my trigger finger was comfortably was resting on the crease of the first knuckle, I have fairly small hands for a guy so figure I might focus when target practicing to get it more on the pad of my index finger? I can probably look this up, but being right handed would having the trigger to far into the index finger cause the gun to pull to the high left? It was darn consistent and I did not notice any barrel movement. I'm pretty sure I am not flinching because I can remember the flash. Well I probably answered my own questions LoL..

Thanks all for the warm welcome! Scott
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