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Yeah oneounce, We are the good guys, should be sung to the tune of we are the ones. That is disagree with you doesn't mean you don't have the right to feel as you do. (Actually you don't but I have yet to have my coronation). Also, when it comes to what is moral and what is legal, I don't know that I am convinced it would be moral not to shoot someone in the back that was fleeing and was almost certain to visit death or mayhem on further victims. Nor do I believe that you are so trigger happy that you would give it readily to some kid unless you felt you had to do it. Of course if anyone messes with your clays guns you have no option.

As for hitting anything with the shotgun, it looks like I am finally averaging a 20 but still not straight 25. If I had to I think I could hit center mass at 15 feet.
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