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I hope the SAF wins the suit. I don't understand why legal residents aliens aren't afforded the same right as citizens to protect themselves and their families.
Funny thing, they really do. What they aren't getting is the permit to carry concealed. They can own guns. They can open carry guns. They can carry in their vehicles.

I'm hoping that it will soon follow, that if alien residents may not be denied a license, that out of state residents may also not be disqualified on that basis. Are you listening, NY, NJ, HI, etc.?
Probably not. They won't really care one way or the other until suits are filed and then they will address the issues in court. Just because something happens in one state does not mean it will happen in another and they do know that. Moreover, a change in the law brought about by a court decision isn't that big of a deal. It isn't like the state will have a damaged reputation to worry about.

The majority of NJ residents don't give a damn about guns or gun rights, so we aren't a priority. I think it falls under "You can lead a horse to water, but..."
..., but horses don't vote and getting them to drink water won't address the gun rights issue.
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