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How it all started and love the colt .38 special, what a beauty!

Introduction, well you could call me a newbie its been so very long since I had done any shooting. Back in my teens older friends would let me tag along to the outdoor range and do some shooting, but now I'm nearly 57 and have not shot in over thirty years till recently. My mother passed and I was left her pistol, a 3rd generation Colt Detective Special .38. This re-energized my interest in firearms so I re-joined the NRA and took their basic pistol course because I knew I did not have a working knowledge of proper gun safety.

Wow, I had a great trainer, we shot several hundred rounds during and after the class and practiced with a .22 and 9mm semi-automatics. I did well , I was very pleased since it had been so long.

Well to make a long story a little shorter, I took the inherited Colt and had it checked by a gunsmith, got 50 rounds of 158 grain ball ammo and took it to the range today. Wow WoW wow! I am so excited I just had to share it with other firearm enthusiast and owners.

I am so hooked. I know you guys will understand. Man that Colt feels so good in the hand when it fires.

Well I just had to have a good happy rant. I've been browsing the forum for a couple weeks or so, and just had to share my excitement today.

Thanks, Scott

Patiently awaiting my cleaning kit to arrive

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