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Originally Posted by Sure Shot Mc Gee
Does your rifle barrel have a drum or a snail that the nipple screws into?
The Traditions Fox River Fifty has a drum and nipple.

To check if it's loaded, place the ramrod on the outside of the barrel and use it to measure from the drum to the muzzle. Mark the length and insert it into the barrel to see if the ramrod will go all of the way down to that depth. If there's over 1/2" of the marked section of ramrod sticking out from the barrel, then the chances are that a projectile and powder is loaded in the barrel.
Take note of how much of the marked section of ramrod is sticking out at the muzzle. If your measurement is off just a little and you're unsure, then measure again more carefully and double check the ramrod depth.
I once bought a used gun that was simply blocked with hardened residue.
However, if a gun has a full charge and projectile in it then that's a lot more hazardous to remove.
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