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Oh I certinally try to do my part and am a member of some groups. and to the SAF's credit there is an ongoing lawsuit against the state of NJ at this moment.

I just feel like were lacking a national outrage. It seems like the answer from most people is "move to a free state" that would be nice however its a viable option for all of us. Some of us are tied to a business or family members or both and cant just up and move.

I guess what I'm getting at is I don't understand why more people aren't genuinly upset that their fellow american citizens are being denied their rights. I feel like if we banded together more as a country that maybe it would help shed some light on poor ole us in the commy states

BTW Don, I love your home state...they were kind enough to issue me a non resident CCW permit so i can carry on vacation Its a good feeling to be free. even if i only get it once every few months
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