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OP, you are good to travel from your home in NJ to your home in PA if the firearm is in a locked hard sided case.

As far as in NJ the ONLY places you can bring your gun as was said are the range, FFL/smith, and property/business owner by YOU (not your mom, not your brother, YOU) and you must have your FID on your person at all times while transporting your locked handgun.

My advise to you... either,

A: make a PA address your primary residence, apply for PA ccw. (apparently its not so easy within city limits of phily) This will cover you in all of PA. NJ Bullsh&t laws will apply no matter what while in NJ but this WILL get you around all the OGAM/FID/PPP senseless crap

B: Apply for either UT,FL, or AZ non-resident CCW. This will also cover you in all of PA. I have the Utah myself.

C: Join Its the best site to help you navigate NJ's unlawful laws.
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