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shortwave,see post 6.FWIW,been using chipotles since long before they were popular.But,yeah,they are not for everything.An Ancho is another favorite of mine.Its another deep,big flavor chili.For a good crispy hot,pequin is a good one.I also like a simple black pepper jerky.IMO,sliced,cured,and smoked is good as is.It needs nothing.

I have not made any,myself,but I have had Canada Goose jerky that was excellent.

Jerky is sort of like chili....A whole lot of ways to have fun,and a whole lot of ways to eat good.

I like simple meat,chilis,cumin,garlic,maybe onion chili.Sort of like you might make from a simple chuck kitchen,but some folks make real good chili going to four supermarkets to find all the ingredients.Regardless,its not that often I have had bad chili,or bad jerky.

Have fun!
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