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Been in a home invasion before. Multiple armed guys. I did in fact open the door even after I already knew my mum and I were in grave danger. It was back in 1989. Mum went to the phone to call the cops and found out it was dead cut by the perps. At the time we did live in the burbs and we had some money at the house. Guy we loved and considered as close as family sold us out to his criminal friends we didn't know he had.

Don't be so judgmental if you are wondering why I opened the door already. My mum and I both naturally decided to open the door. The guys threatened to burn down the house with us in it. They had what looked like a can and they claimed it was full of gasoline. Once we realized we were out numbered, surprised, cornered and with no good options, that deadly fear and the warm smell of blood you feel in your nose when you know you are about to die washed over me. I lost all fear and felt like I was in a trance. The outer body experience of watching a movie that you are in set it.

Truth is neither my mum or I can really give you a logical answer why we decided to let them in. We just did. There was no fear no nothing, I just unlocked the door let them in. To this door my behavior has puzzled me. It would appear when you loose all hope you just tend to go along with whatever your tormentor asks you for. Strange but true. I had a cross bow with a bolt ready, but I just calmly put it down. It may have saved our lives, but it was not a calculated or rationally thought out act.

If that was now, I wouldn't be so cooperative. Someone would have some lead embedded in them real fast am sure. Atleast I think so, but only way you ever really find out is when the real thing happens.most of the time you are not even close in terms of what you think you'd do.
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