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12.2" and .7" for the +p and 12.3" and .64" for the +p+. I go for the extra expansion.

Through denim the +P is 13.9" and .67". The +p+ is 12.2" and .68". I will go with the extra 1.7" of penetration.

Through heavy cloth the +p is 13.3" and .68". The +p+ is 12.2" and .68". I will go for the extra penetration.

Through wallboard the +p is 14" and .66". The +p+ is 12.1" and .66". Extra penetration might work against it here.

The +p+ really only has an advantage against plywood and steel. It is even behind the +p after penetrating auto glass.

The +p+ is only a clear winner in two areas and arguably better against bare gelatin. When it comes to clothing material the +p is a clear winner. That is why I said it outperforms the +p+ version.

I am not a fan of the Ranger Bonded in 124gr+p. It seems like it would be too likely to produce a "ice pick" wound while overpenetrating.

If I was going to buy Winchester Ranger ammo again I would probably go with the 147gr T series. To me it looks like a nearly perfect compromise between expansion and penetration.

I do find it completely disturbing that Winchester has two different sets of results depending on which of their sites you visit. I visited the comparison tool linked in my post. Then I went to yours. That actually makes me not want to buy anything from Winchester's Ranger line.
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