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Haven't found one yet! But I have been trying.
Attempt #1.
Heritage Rough Rider. Bought it on a whim, but had been wanting a "cowboy" 22. Great little shooter, Accurate, and fun to shoot. As long as I remember that stupid safety opposite the loading gate! Still wouldn't say it's a POS.

Attempt #2
Bought a Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly on a whim also. And because it was the first one I saw plus a great price. I've found it to be reliable, and accurate with 45 Colt. Also reliable, and accurate with the new handgun specific buckshot loads holding a tight pattern of 2-3 inches, and point of aim accuracy at normal SD distance of 10 yds. In addition it holds a snake proof pattern with #7 1/2 shot out to 10-15 feet for the perfect snake protection.

Attempt #3
Bought a Hi-Point C9 just to see how bad they really are, and found out that are not bad at all. 100% reliable function, and one of the most accurate out of the box 9MM's I've shot.

I guess my next attempt will be a Taurus 922 22 LR/ 22 Mag convertible. Or maybe a PT22 Poly just 'cause they're "cute"
Unless of course the KAHR Arms CM9 I won the bid on at the NRA Foundation Banquet Auction turns out to be one!
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