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Dalegribble, Rabid? Rabid gribble? Why that's a lot of dribble, gribble! I guess you're the war hero here aren't you gribble? You seem so angry and unhappy in your little world. Nugent poaches and I like poached eggs. How in the world am I supposed to take someone with your attitude serious?

You don't know who my heroes are, or if I have any. As far as calling me rabid I think that's something you should say to a person's face when you're not hiding. Too many people typing at their computers while in their jammies are not what they present themselves as. Guess you're one of THOSE who have no use for classIII weapons in the hands of anyone other than military, or police. Did I make the wrong assumption? It sure makes me feel good having you watching our backs to make sure our 2nd amendment rights are being protected.

Ted Nugent's free concerts are not free for him. He's paying for his band, roadies, equipment, food and lodging for all. This of course doesn't include the personal donations that he wrote checks out for and last, but not least his time, cause time is money. That shows it costs him to do what he does.

I'd love to see who people think would be a great fighter for the 2nd amendment in place of Nugent. I like Tom Selleck, but he never debates, or is even seen unless it's a photo op holding a rifle. How about Charleton Heston? Sorry forgot he can't speak any longer. Well, anymore suggestions are welcomed. Oy Vay!
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