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I must say this thread has opened my eyes. After lurking around for quite some time I have to finally say thank you to the people on this board for giving me more awareness into a growing facet of my life. I would of never been made aware of this had I not joined some sort of firearm forum.

I just recently, over the last 2 months, acquired the "bug" for shooting and firearms knowledge. I am hoping to make it a hobby that I can enjoy till the day I pass on. Being new to this I have told just about all of my good friends, my mother and my girlfriend of my new found hobby. Now I know when I start to actually purchase guns and safes and things of that nature to be very "hush hush" on who I release the information to. Also, those who are told are to not release the information to others in a irresponsible manor.

I would of never of thought of this as being a reason why someone would go out of their way to invade my home and possibly harm me or my family. And I am especially appreciative of this seeing as we will be welcoming a new life into our home in August so providing and protecting my first child is the number one concern for me in life.

Again I say thank you all for the litany of knowledge I have been able to learn over two short months and apologies for the long winded response.
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