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for all of the rabid nugent supporters i suggest you do a litlle research on your hero. it's as easy as doing a little search on the internet.

when nugent could have been a patriot he chose to be a draft dodger. all the details are on the net, look them up.

he was a young fool that has turned into an old fool. the only thing that has remaind the same is he has always thought he was above the law. from dodging the draft to his poaching crimes in california and alaska which were all used to make money for himself he has a lifelong history of thinking he is above the law. he was a one hit wonder that learned that the only way he can keep his name in the public is to be a loud mouth fool. from his documented poaching to further his tv show to his foolish displays with his fully automatic weapons he is neither a role model for ethical hunters or serious supporters of the 2nd amendment. ted nugent is not a leader in these areas he is just a selfish person out only to make money for himself while hiding behind the military that he dodged, the political party that he hated and the nra selfishly just to protect what he has and to hell with everyone else.

people should really pick their heros more carefully.
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