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MS to Honor All States! Quirks in Who Honors Who!

We have added a Notice Page when you click on Create a Map at It explains the quirks in how states honor each other. Not a big fan of these type pages but I believe it works the best to warn people about quirks in how some states honor each other. To see those quirks click on Create a Map in the left column at

There is another quirk I am trying to get info on. NC states they will honor all other states permit/licenses. They have listed NH as resident permits only. This is not them stating that NH will only honor NC’s Resident permit. I have a copy of the agreement they signed. NH States that their Non Resident is not covered in the agreement and for NC not to honor it. Since NC’s law has changed to honoring all since they signed the agreement they should honor the NH Non Resident now. Trying to get them to remove that note from their website.

Mississippi Governor signed House Bill No. 695. Come July 1, 2012 Mississippi will honor all other state permit/licenses. Here is a breakdown of just how many states honor other states permit/licenses to carry.

Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont will honor any Permit/License to Carry a Concealed Firearm from any state. Come July 1, 2012 Mississippi will honor all other states Permit/Licenses. That is 15 states that honor all others.

Arkansas Honors 38 other states.
Colorado Honors 30 other states.
Florida Honors 34 other states.
Louisiana Honors 38 other states.
Montana honors 41 other states.
Nebraska honors 35 other states.
North Dakota honors 36 other states.
Texas honors 41 other states.
Wisconsin honors 31 other states.
Wyoming honors 32 other states.

8 other states honor at least 20 but less than 30 other states.
8 other states honor at least 8 but less than 20 other states.

8 states do not honor any other states permit/license.

Then we have Illinois and DC that don’t even have permit/licenses.

Been doing this for almost 17 years now and many years back if you would have told me that all those states would honor all those other states you would have most likely gotten a very big laugh from me. The NRA/GOA and other national Org’s have been working on this but I believe it is the State Level Orgs that have lead the charge in getting most of these changes made. I highly recommend if you are not a member of your States RKBA’s Org you should join. They are doing wonderful work and need all the assistance you can give them. If you don’t know who in your state is leading the charge you can find a list of state orgs Here:
If your state org is not listed drop me an email and I will list it if it meets the requirements as set forth on the list.
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