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Talked to a local LEO about getting into law enforcement a week ago. Not interested as a career. Not any reserve locally.
No Reserve Officer positions available, even within a 50 mile radius?

Here's something else to think about...

To get on most Departments as a Reserve, you are scrutinized just as much as a person testing for a full time position. If you put in as a Reserve, you can count on the following:

a. A written exam.
b. Quite possibly a physical agility exam.
c. An oral board.
d. An extensive background investigation.
e. A polygraph exam.
f. Psych evaluation (usually, MMPI and a State addendum, plus interview with psychologist).
g. Medical screening.
h. Final interview with the Chief.

Then, IF you are accepted...

a. Attending a Reserve Academy (if you're lucky) or a full State certification (if you're not).
b. Equipment issue (few Departments) to dropping almost 3000 bucks on equipment (most Departments)

Now, here's the kicker....

In my State (Washington), ownership of full auto is prohibited by private parties. I can purchase select fire by going through the whole purchasing process and paying full price, just like any other NFA purchase. HOWEVER...the firearm can be used for official duty, and remains under the guardianship of the Department. If I move to another Department, transfer of the firearm is ONLY authorized if the gaining Dept. will accept it. If they do NOT--or I leave law enforcement--the firearm stays with the Department, and I have no expectation of reimbursement.
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