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Is it safe to say in general that the specs/performance of the PD ammo mentioned in this thread are based on service-size guns instead of the compact models that most carry for CCW?
There is only one 9mm load specified to be for short barrel guns, that I know about. That is the Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel load. Other wise the specs could be from service guns or test barrels.

I carry a CZ P-07 with a 3.8" barrel. So, I don't worry too much.

I know, for instance, that the Critical Duty ammunition which I really like is 'not' recommended for compact guns which kind of defeats its purpose for me.
It defeats the purpose for many departments as well. A lot of departments issue compact handguns to smaller stature officers and detectives. I know my department issues the M&P 9c to several officers. At least three other departments in my area issue compacts to several officers.
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