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Nobody's perfect! Look back into all your lives realistically and honestly. Think real hard about how many times you've stepped over the line and could've been charged with either a misd, or fel. I'd say if not living in a monestary hundreds, if not thousands of times.

How many false statements have you given during the years either spoken, or in writing, while testifying, or putting in writing how you weren't at fault on your accident report? How many tried different drugs and weren't caught? I got a better one that no one would be guilty of. Has anyone committed statutory rape as a teenager? It's funny how many girls I went around with and never checked their ID. Being charged in a sex crime will ruin a life even without a conviction. Did anyone ever possess an illegal weapon? Ever drink while under age? I'm sure on this forum that would definately be an impossibilty.

Some may not like what Nugent has legally said, or done on stage, but those on the other side say and do much worse. He helps keep those people on their toes, while others sit in the shadows and reap the benefits.

Try being put under a microscope like him and lets see how long it takes before you're actually caught violating some law, or breaking some rules while hunting. Of course none of us who hunt would ever think we'd be charged with doing something criminal, or unethical like taking a doe without a doe permit, even by mistake.

Ted Nugent publically stands up for the 2nd amendment, which costs him financially and leaves him open to attacks. I'm not qualified to defend him like a lawyer would, but I appreciate him over so called pro gun enthusiests who haven't made a dimes worth of difference concerning gun rights. Where some are concerned there's just no pleasing.
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