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Wisconsin has issued 100,000 CWPs

I thought it was amazing when they got 20,000 applications right off the bat.

I have always thought that the anti-gunners in Illinois like Rahm Emanual were hoping the Wisconsiners (we call them cheeseheads), would all start shooting themselves but they haven't.

Notice the new tact... all hell obviously hasn't broken out in Wisconsin but the anti-gunners now hint that no one really knows...

Van Hollen said there have been no problems since Wisconsin residents gained the ability to carry hidden guns.

"There were doomsday people out there, before concealed carry was passed, who were predicting, of course, the doom and gloom that when we put more guns on the street, that when more people are able to carry concealed weapons, that we're going to have more problems," he said. "Nothing could have been further from the truth." He said he was confident implementing the law would go smoothly because other states with concealed weapons laws have had minimal issues.

"We expected we would not have problems in Wisconsin either, and we have not," he said.
But Jeri Bonavia, executive director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, said it was impossible to know how the law was working because the names of permit holders are confidential and available to law enforcement only in limited circumstances.

"We just don't know whether there have been problems or haven't been problems," she said.

Are there shootouts at the Dells that we just haven't heard about?

Farmers been shooting at each other cuz their neighbor's livestock wandered onto their property but it just didn't make the news?

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