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If I'm hunkered down with my family in the master bedroom, and a guy is trying to kick his way in, what should I do? I vote shoot through the door.

I more like my .38spl +P for my carry, in a light snub, or sometimes a SP101 3" .357mag loaded with good old Rem 125g SJHPs for HD. If I think I needed more power in .357, I'd get my Buffalo Bore 125g hp rated at 1700fps/802lbs, or more like 1300-1500/468-624lbs out of my 3" barrel.

I see your point and agree, but for me the most powerful 9mm is a 9.1mm=.357mag.

TBS, let me get back on topic. For HD, I also have a CZ75B 9mm. I load it to shoot the first 7-8 shots GDHP 124g +Ps, the next 7-8 shots are FMJ of the NATO fashion, mostly Fiocchi standard, +Ps, or +P+ what ever is closest to me when loading my mag.

If those aren't enough, well, say hello to the most powerful handgun in the World, and I just blow there head off. And the ammo loaded is not M29 rated! Say good night gracie!
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