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Can't believe I'm responding again to this topic, but I'm not a Ted Nugent groupy and am not familiar with all he's said and done. I enjoy seeing him being interviewed sometimes and I too can surprisingly express myself in ways to upset some people. No one's perfect, especially myself and I won't brag about things that I'm ashamed of saying, or doing long ago.

Nugent is a patriot that has been entertaining the military people and supporting their families, as well as the law enforcement fraternity. After all, he is a part time deputy.

He shot one bear too much. He paid a $10,000 fine. He can't hunt, or fish in Alaska for one year. He was given 2 years probation. He will do some safe hunting public service annoucements. His headlining an upcoming show on a military base, which was for free by the way, has been cancelled with WH blessings. All that because he shot 2 bears in a state where they run rampant and then possibly saving the lives of 2 future hikers that may have been attacked by those bears. Damn it, he deserves a medal and not deserve to be scorned. You gotta love'um.
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