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BTW KyJim,

It was none other than Illinois State AG Lisa Madigan who argued the drug-sniffing dog thing before SCOTUS.

I think it's a great tool for combating drug traffiking, but there are so few rules around it - it is really wide open for abuse.

Any officer with any dog can theoretically claim that the dog alerted (no standards fo what that means exactly), and then that officer can pull everyone out of the vehicle and go over it with a fine tooth comb.

Maybe this is another area where case law will be built up that restores more protections for citizens. But unfortunately, it looks like the slippery slope, after winning in Cabelles, police started taking drug sniffing dogs up to people's homes and apartments.

I'm wishing Wisconsin Carry all the best, it's a well-known fact that in Chicago, and many parts of Illinois, if you use a firearms to defend yourself - even in the clearest justified circumstances and clearly ruled a justifiable homocide, - that gun is gone and you're NEVER EVER getting it back.
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