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The incident took place 2 years ago and most would consider that old news, even though it reached it's conclusion recently. Ted Nugent isn't a self proclaimed gun spokesman due to the fact that I as well as tens of thousands NRA members voted for him to sit on the NRA board. I think that would be like granting him permission to speak for many of us.

His so called over the top remarks are like music to my ears as compared to an over the top anti gunner congresswoman from NY Carolyn McCarthy. She got that job, cause her husband was killed and her son fortunately survived his wounds received from Collin Ferguson the infamous Long Island RR gunman.

People sat on that train and watched that bum empty his mag and sit down and place his gun on his lap, while reloading. What's wrong with that picture? To this day she feels no one else on that train should've had a gun to save her husband. I wonder how her departed husband would respond to that, or even her son. Other over the top anti gun examples are Boxer, Pelosi, Reid, as well as the AG, etc..

People who live in supposedly pro gun states can't possibly understand the frustration that 2nd amendment supporters feel in poisonous anti gun locals. It takes no effort for anti gunners to jump all over us. Everytime we give in a little with an excuse that we're trying to be reasonable, it's like we gave them our hand and they punched us in our mouth with it.

Ted Nugent has major testies like Col. Allen West in Florida. As far as I'm cocerned Nugent can shout his opinions from the highest mountain tops and I say Amen. People like them deserve all our support and respect. This is just my opinion with no intention to offend anyone on this forum.
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