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Al Norris
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For the most part, MSP is just sitting on the applications.

Should the stay be dissolved (Judge Legg denies the motion), the State will have to process the applications without regard to G&S.

It is conceivable that many of the applications will have crossed the 90 day grace period the law allows for the process. All of those applicants may then appeal to the Gun Board.

By their own actions, the State is caught between a rock and a hard place. Do they process the applications and deny them? With the temp stay in place, the injunction is not active. All denied applications may be appealed. Do they hold the applications beyond the statutory 90 days? All applicants may then appeal.

Maryland is going to have an extremely hard time showing it couldn't process the applications in time. Why? Expect Alan Gura to reference the following link, somewhere along the way:

and the related Wisconsin DOJ announcement...

This is the AG of Wisconsin applauding his departments in processing 100,000 permit applications in less than 6 months since they passed their own carry bill.
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