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Those are the only public cases that I know of right off hand.

Just to give you an idea how things are locally...

Dept owned SBS, SBR, and automatic firearms locally are restricted pretty well. Basically if you are issued one (not a pool gun) and have a take home car, it must be secured in the vehicle locked rack, including off duty. If you dont have a take home car, it must be secured at the office. As far as pool guns, at my dept, if I want to take the m16 out to practice, I have to have Chief approval and take a dept vehicle, with the m16, to the range, and back. Any non-local training must be signed off on by the chief, and a note stating such must be with the firearm while it is out of town.

The reasons are above my paygrade, but from what I understand it is to keep well within the required "official use" that law enforcement firearms are subject to. I know some of these policies are stricter then the ATF may require, it is to keep everyone out of trouble.

Other areas may have more or less restrictions, but this is the norm around here from all I have run in to.

Btw, fyi, even the dept owned Glock 22's are only allowed out of town to go straight home, and back, unless an officer is on official business.

As to the state certification, here in NC, BLET is around 620 hours, plus the yearly training, which is around 30 hours for the mere basics. Other things that would have to be looked in to beyond what has been stated, is a system for oversight, and also insurance. Several departments here have reserve and part time positions, but even then, its usually required to "donate 'X' many hours a year" to offset some of the basic cost in order to ensure a person just isnt filling a spot to keep their certification. If your interested in getting in to law enforcement, try it and see how things go.

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