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Pimp/Cartel/Dictator Guns Pic Thread

Anyone have or have pics have some "pimp guns"? I'm not talking about just a nice BBQ gun (although some of those can be borderline).

I want to see stuff that is REAL (some say gawdy or tacky) flashy in a style best suited for occupations like "purveyor of the easy ladies," "unelected el presidente for life," or "chief distribution officer for an unlicensed pharmaceutical company."

Firearms with features like gold plating, pearl grips (thank you, Gen. Patton), over the top engraving, etc...

Ya' know what I mean? Guns that just say "high class and sophistication" like a purple velvet hat, military uniforms covered in self-awarded medals or classic cars with heavy metal flake paint jobs and gold wire spoke wheels.

Let's see some pictures of these type of guns. Why? Because deep down inside if any of us became billionaires, we would all probably own one of them to display on the wall. (Admit it. LOL.)
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