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Doesn't surprise me that CNN, supposedly a news source, but clearly a biased platform for promoting their own various agendas (of which Ted Nugent is very outspokenly against), sees fit to report this old news.

Hey CNN... how bout some in depth,updated media attention on something that's important and got innocent people killed rather then a bear.... Such as who's responsible for 'Fast and Furious'.

Sorry for the rant ClydeFrog, it's early, coffee's still brewing and I haven't had my meds.

gunsmoke pretty much summed things up and too, I believe there was a previous discussion here on TFL that gave more details of the event. Including not only the black bear incident but how much good Ted Nugent has done for promoting hunting, the 2nd Amend. as well as the good he's done for under privileged/handicapped kids.
Some may not like his outspoken tactics, or the fact he was not in the Vietnam War, and many(especially anti-gun/hunting people) do not like his outspoken ways, but he does not bite his tongue with anyone when it comes to promoting our 2nd Amend./pro hunting rights.
He's welcomed/had more then a few heated debates with noted anti's.

IMO, we need more outspoken people like him.
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