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regarding Tactics. my observations:
no appearant first aid training or use of any by other then the shot officer.
No one on scene took command, cops milled around.
Cop shot did nor use cover properly
Wounded cop gave himself better aid the other officer did.
Three cops standing behind SUV with large windows. Maybe concelment but not cover.
The cop who told guys to get back removes the human contact needed by the shot cop for his comfort
Cop with rifle kneeling in the street, no cover
Cop on hillside with rifle had no ideal of what his mission was

Fire dept not waiting until scene secured is a HUGE BAD on their part.
I am not second guessing FIRE. I was a F/F and EMT. I have been on shooting scene and fire or medic do not go in until the scene is secure.

This is a good video to take apart and see what needs to be done to make it work better. Here is my training list from the video:

1. Identify the Incident or scene commander. This can be anyone until relived by a ranking officer or the scene is secured.

2. Get every Tom, Dick and Mary into first aid training.

3. Train for what is cover and concelment and how to use both properly.

4 Establish radio comms polcy since the were at least 3 or 4 agencies involved between LEO and Fire.

Oh a plastic is the worst thing to put on a sucking chest wound. You want something semi stiff covered in plastic, like a drivers liences or ID card. Anything that will seal the air out and not be sucked into the wound itself.
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