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Question for bullseye shooters

I'd like some advice about a shooting problem. I've recently started shooting pistols casually after 20-odd years of not shooting. I tend to shoot to the left. No problem with elevation. This is a consistent problem across different guns, so I'm fairly sure it's something I'm doing wrong, rather than an equipment issue.

I did have some problem with it even when I shot a lot, but it seems worse now.

It didn't keep me from shooting small groups back when I could see better, but the rear sights on all of my guns were adjusted about halfway between center and far right.

I know the issues that cause low-and-left or high-and-right misses, but can't remember what would cause left error. The magnitude of the error is, on a 25-yard bullseye, I'll hit the left side of the bull or slightly outside.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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