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Hollywood "movie people" pick firearms purely for the look of the gun itself.... nothing more. That was the only reason the "agents" in the Matrix had 50AE Desert Eagles over say....a Ruger P85. because of the "Impressive on screen dynamic of the firearm" as the director put it.

I saw the jacket of some B (or more like C) action movie at the local video store last week; with the guy on the cover stoically aiming his Beretta 96G Elite....with the slide release in the "un-locked" position and the slide about two inches forward on the frame! Yeesh... you'd think QC would catch that before the photo was approved for production.

Wonder is Van Dame with load those suckers with lead balls and a powder flask while under fire I won't be wasting money going to see it so I'll never know, but I'm betting he'll just shoot about 5000 rounds out of it without so much as unlatching the loading levers
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