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I've got a couple of favorites.

The .338 Win Mag is an excellent elk rifle. One thing about shooting elk is that you don't want them running into the nasty deep canyons to die. The .338 WM will anchor them with good shot placement. It does kick hard but it doesn't kick too hard for me. When elk hunting it is the go to rifle for me even though all the calibers below would work too.

A light weight .308 is perfect for deer hunting in the mountains. It's accurate, powerful enough and with the new bullets has erased some of the 06's advantages. I shoot lighter bullets than I used too with almost all calibers.

My 30-06 was my favorite for years and I'd be well served by it even if it was my only rifle.

My 45-70 hunts some times but I haven't bonded with it to the level of the ones above.
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