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Count your right but still at 10 yards your saying birdshot isnt enough to penetrate and kill and intruder? 10 yards in a home is max distance in reality we maybe talking 5 yards realistically. So at 5 yards birdshot wont kill? I dont believe it. But to each their own. I suppose this is the equivalent to 9mm vs 45acp in the shotgun world.
Of course it can kill. But that's the wrong question. You should be asking whether a shot to the torso will stop someone *reliably*, not just with a lucky shot. OTOH, if you plan on only shooting them in the eyes, skeet loads will probably do just fine. (I'm not that good a shot, not even at 5 yards)

I'm sure some measuring tape can show you how little penetration is left in #8 shot if something like an arm gets in the way.
It still may effect a psychological stop. Imagine how much damage it's going to do to that arm. I still wouldn't want to count on it.
"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun"
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