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The other thing I didnt address in the video is the action of the civilians. The civilians in the house are just walking outside and moving around as curious on-lookers.

If there is some kind of activity outside involving a shooter, then as a civilian, you want to go down into the basement or get low within the house. Rounds will also slice through the house just as well as it did the car. The reality is rounds, especially rifle rounds, will go through most any object around you so the best method for a civilian to be safe is to lay flat on the ground behind something or inside the house.

A civilian should not be shy about helping the officer or be afraid to be mistaken for a bad guy in this situation. Officers are smart people who are on the road everyday. They will be able to distinguish between a well intentioned civilian and a bad guy. In fact, I bet they will even appreciate your efforts. If you see an officer on the ground like this bleeding then you want to get in there and help out. The main priority is to locate the entry and exit. Then you want to plug those wounds with whatever you can. Also, if the wound is to the chest area then you should listen for sucking sounds. If that is the case, then you need to find some plastic and seal it up so the man can breathe.

Time is of the essence as a loss of blood has serious conseqences. If you delay even for just a minute, then the person could die or sustain permanent brain damage.

Whatever you do, you do not want to sit there gawking or slack jawed with your cellphone camera. Lets face it, if you get a million hits on youtube you are not going to be rich and it certainly wont improve your situation with the ladies. You want to take action as a life hangs in the balance. Thats the most important thing.
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