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Example of EBR=scary

My girlfriend wondered the age old question. "Why?" As in, why do I need my EBR, why would I want something so powerful? I showed her my Colt AR. I showed her my Marlin .35 Remington. I asked her which one she thought was more powerful. Of course, she said the AR. Then I showed her the cartridges. She said "well the black one shoots faster." Then I showed her my Browning BAR in .270 Win and showed her the cartridge.

She's not an anti-gunner, she owns a Sig. Most people react to appearances. They see something that "LOOKS bad" and figures it is bad.
Remington Nylon 66 .22LR - Squirrels Beware
Browning BAR Safari II .270 Win - Whitetails Beware
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