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Do you become a target of opportunity if you OC, or are you stalked? Is it much like a purse snatcher? It would be interesting to interview convicts to ask their opinions. I wonder how many are actually deterred by OCer's and how many are enticed by it.
Here in CT, we are issued Carry Permits. Not CC. It is not against the law to OC, but you can be arrested for breach of peace if someone does call the police if your weapon is visible or becomes so. IMO, in this state, OCer's are not doing it for practical purposes so much as statement carrying. A few months back, the GF and I were at Dick's sporting goods. A large (300-330lb,6'3") man was at the counter OCing. I took a look at his rig and the first thing I noted was that his pants were not well secured, making his rig more of a drop leg. Not the most secure way to OC I think. To me, that was a statement carry.
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