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Shooter, I think you would be surprised if you see the low cost for n a good hunt that can be arranged if you know the right people. get an out fitter that do more hunts with Americans rather than the one that does one for the year and wants do get all his money out of one customer.

as I am typing this my two American friend are waiting on the airport to return to the US. for Richard it was his first African hunt and for Mark his second. both are astonished by the low costs. between the two of them they took more than 20 animals and they said that if you are going to travel to hunt in the US and Alaska you might as well come over here and for more or less the same traveling expenses get to choose from a wide variety of animals.

I went with them for 3 days when they were scouting for Richards eland. while scouting the eland we must have seen 15 different huntable species.

me and Mark met on this forum a couple of yers ago and he sent me a pm ande not 2 months from then he was over here.

here are some pics of the last hunt:

me, Mark and Richard with one of the best looking sprinboks I have seen

the lodging at one of the game lodges.
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