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I remember reading of one instance where a guy was talking a lot flashing his gun around open carrying and some one took it from him, seemingly to shut him up as much as anything.

There is this case.

Where are the others?

This came up before talking about civilians open carrying getting shot first. No one could come up with any stories where it happened if I remember correctly.

Yes it is a bit like waving a $500 bill around. For a long time I wore an $800 watch. Lots of people now walk around with $500+ phones on their belt openly without thinking twice.

I have been in situations where I was escorting tens of thousands of dollars cash. Sometimes alone and in a fairly conspicuous manner. I was once walking across downtown Dayton with a manilla envelope bulging with cash. Walking right by drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and other interesting fellows. No gun.

I bet this was more political than financial.

When openly carrying in a politically charged arena, and college campuses have all been so the last few weeks, it is best not to go alone.
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