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Apparently, the ex told the PD that she tried to kill him and his two children. He has since recanted that story. How someone is trying to kill you by firing into the ceiling is beyond me -- unless, of course, you are standing on the roof.

He had a restraining order on him but was still in her home. Her fault? His fault? Who knows?

Perhaps if she had planted one CoM the story would be different. For now, she is convicted of 3 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with no intent to harm. I have never heard of that type of charge; but why would the penalty for a crime where no harm was intended be so harsh?

The part of the story which I found curious was this:

Prosecutors based their charges on the premise that Marissa could have retreated through a back door or window if she felt trapped by her husband.
Yet that is exactly what the SYG laws are supposed to take care of.

I am getting the feeling that this prosecutor does not like the SYG law and is going to prosecute anyway.

I did find the case HERE but it doesn't tell a lot. It does show that this case has dragged on since the arrest on 8/2/2010. There is a login. Type "public" in both the login and password spaces.

There are interesting details such as a year later there was a motion to revoke bond - denied; but another motion was granted and she was remanded to jail. There was also a home monitoring system, ankle bracelet, ordered at one point.

The jury must have wanted to go home because they were in and out in thirteen minutes flat.

3/16/2012 JURY IN: 5:12; JURY OUT: 5:25
3/16/2012 1 VERDICT- GUILTY
3/16/2012 2 VERDICT- GUILTY
3/16/2012 3 VERDICT- GUILTY
Gun Control: The premise that a woman found in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is morally superior to allowing that same woman to defend her life with a firearm.

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