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So take him to the gunshop and help him pick one out. I got my dad a Glock 19 when he was 87. I took him to the range to practice shooting it a few times also. He has not gone to the range in 3 years, but he is still a member of the gun club and occasionally goes to a meeting. He still drives, and he has a pistol that he knows how to use and it makes him feel secure in his home. Help your dad out. As far as pistol, or revolver ? I would have prefered he had a revolver, as an accidental discharge is more unlikely is my opinion. The pistol has a lighter trigger pull that the revolver (a S&W 686 with .38 Spl loads). Bottom line though was I let my dad decide what he wanted and felt comfortable with. If he had changed his mind after the range trip that would have been okay. Here in California he still has a current CCW. Who am I to short sheet him ?

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