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As a medical doctor, that ain't the way I would have reacted. Having the victim hold his own wound is a bit ridiculous to me, but I guess the news doesn't make news, right?

You see a lot of videos of someone being attacked by a wild animal where the other person doesn't help whatsoever but gets a great video. Just one more sign of a sick world in my opinion.

In addition, just because you don't have a lot of external bleeding does not mean you don't have significant internal blood loss. In addition, being shot in the neck, there is very little room for swelling around important structures such as nerves, blood vessels and the trachea. I suspect that was a very serious wound by how fast the officer collapsed and was unable to stand.

Sorry, but don't take that definition of shock and trauma to the medical school review class. That man quickly collapsed and I suspect was in extreme danger by the time he made it to the hospital.

In addition, if you are going to pray for someone which is right to do, put a cloth on the wound as well. Geez, where has common sense gone today?

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