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Update: So someone from Cabelas monitors this forum and members opinion of the company. After I gave my opinion above, someone from Cabelas wanted to contact me through this site "to make it right". TFL did not give out my personnel info, but gave me a contact at Cabelas to help in settling my issues with the company.

I send a complete and honest assessment of my past issues and why I am no longer a customer of Cabelas. Do you think they could even reply? Of course not, and this just adds to the shoddy customer service that has befallen the company.

Did they really want to "make it right", or maybe it was an attempt at quieting someone who is on to the slow customer service decline, and is aware of a company selling store branded shoddy junk.

Cabelas, you have a lot competition in the marketplace now, and you have lost the 1000's I would have spent in the future.

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