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The Officer Down Video

This is an interesting video that someone brought to my attention. I believe its healthy to view and discuss such videos because it makes us better tacticians so to speak. Im not second guessing whats happening in the video, but just trying to see how this situation could have been better.

Here is my feedback in regards:

- Maximum coverage body armor is a must have. The regular designed body armor does not cover a lot of the neck and armpit area. I believe a lot of body armor designers have increased the coverage on their designs seeing that many folks nowadays are getting hit at those vulnerable points.

- Cars are poor choices to hide behind for cover. Rounds will go right through them like butter. If you must get behind a car, then get behind the engine block where the round will have more metal to travel through.

- Never stand directly in the line of sight of the shooter even if you are behind a barrier. Stand at an angle to make it a little harder for the shooter.

- The effective range of a 9mm pistol according to the US Army is 50 meters. So this means at any point within a half football field is the effective range of that firearm. Beyond that range, the round does not become ineffective, but less effective. So you want to stand as far back from the shooter as you can get away with.

- A little blood loss will send you into shock. You wont die from the round, but you will die from shock over a little blood loss. When you are shot or see someone shot, then your first priority is to stop the blood loss. This means you need to find the point where that blood is coming out, get yourself a cloth and apply pressure. If you cant find some cloth, dont be shy, take your shirt off and use that. In emergencies, use anything you can as an improvised bandage.

- If someone is laying on the ground with blood coming out, you want to put down your camera and go treat the person on the ground. All you have to do is stop the blood flow and put a blanket over them so they wont go into shock. You dont need any training to do that. If you are covering a point with a weapon like the other officer is doing, then you want to order whoever is around to treat the person laying on the ground while you cover the point.

- If there is a shooter out there, you want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of getting close and interjecting yourself into the situation. Obviously, this is a situation which requires an armored SWAT vehicle and specially equipped officers with tactical vests and shields.

So thats my take on this video. Feel free to discuss, agree or disagree. Thank you.
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