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Dan Wesson 1911 External Extractor

Ok Guys I have two DWs from the early part of the 21st century, a Patriot and a CBOB. Both from that vintage utilize external extractors. DW no longer supports the extractors and after doing some research I found out that the early vintage DW extractors are really S&W M1911 extractors.

On 4/4/12 I called S&W parts to order 2 extractors, pins and springs. They took my order credit card number contact info ect and told me 10-12 days. I checked the credit cards and no postings for the $46 for the parts. So I called today and talked to Dan (I think) to follow up and was told that the reason that I had not received the parts or had a bill is that S&W will not sell extractors to us mere tyros....factory only. What's a guy to do? Dan suggested Brownell's with which I had no luck. How does one either find an alternate source for DW extractors or get S&W to part with a couple? Any factory certified smiths out there that can help a brother out?
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