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open-carry, safety levers, stupid criminals...

I agree with the forum members that if you open carry or are an armed professional, a secure holster/retention system is ideal.
A level II or III holster can also prevent mishaps/embarrassments too, .
I had my loaded Ruger GPNY slide out of a cross-draw Blade-tech holster in the mid 2000s. I was going to a service station & leaned over a tad far: .

For an unarmed subject(who's not intoxicated or an EDP) to attack an armed citizen is just dumb. It reminds me of the media report I heard of a local fast food joint that had a robber use the drive-thru to hold up the employees. Not too strange you'd think for the staff to comply but the crook was using a knife! Also it was a late night/early morning incident & all the doors were secured.

I know many people aren't; "ready to roll" but to deal with a knife holder when you are in a locked bldg isn't very complicated IMO.

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