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Oklahoma Snipe Hunt

When my two girls were about 12 and 8 we used to camp and fish at the Buckhorn camping area on Arbuckle Lake by Sulphur Oklahoma. I started talking to some teenage boys that were spending the weekend sleeping in the back of their pickup. The wife and I had taken pity on them and invited them to supper.

The subject of snipe hunting came up and 2 of the 4 boys had never heard of a night time snipe hunt. Well the other 2 boys were all for having a snipe hunt on this beautiful evening, it was about 9PM with a cloudless moonlit sky.

Being the friendly fellow I am I recruited the two "wiser" boys to help me find the necessary paper grocery bags and properly sized sticks for tapping the bag. I also went to all of the other campsites, introduced myself and announced the organization of a snipe hunt.

As my two daughters had never been on a snipe hunt before and they wanted to go, though my suspicious minded older daughter was looking at me out of the corner of her eye, when mom passed, as she was comfortable in her lawn chair.

We must of had 30 people of all ages show up with paper bags and a stick with about half that number as drivers trying not to snicker out loud. The rules were explained and the catchers were lined up with their back to the water in a flat grassy area where everyone pulled their boats up on shore.

The beaters proceeded to drive the snipe toward the catchers and were amazed that none had been caught. This required that the beaters go back and do another drive toward the catchers, somehow all of the beaters retired to their respective campsites to rest from their labors. The roars of laughter that came from various campsites over the next 45 minutes were fun to hear. My two daughters showed up about 5 minutes after daddies butt hit the lawn chair with "I am going to get even expressions on their faces". Still funny 30 years later.
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