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When you plan to use +P+, consider the gun.

There is not any upper limit on the pressures generated by a +P+, since it is not a SAAMI regulated design. So how much of a magnum load do you have? You don't know and neither do I.

Your particular pistol may be quickly worn out by that unknown high-pressure cartridge. And you don't know until something breaks. And that could be very bad if it breaks just as you need it for a real-deal self-defense two way bullet exchange.

Considering the 9mm pistols I have, I will only shoot the +P+ (any brand or load) in the S&W 5906 or the Ruger 9mm Speed Six. They both have lots of steel and are rugged.

As for any other 9mm pistol, I like the 124 grain in +P, or maybe even just standard pressure for the smallest lightest ones. I'm a happy new owner of a Kahr CW9 and am still finding the upper limit of what I want to shoot in it.
Good advice as who wants to unecessarily wear out any gun nowadays with the dollar not buying what it used to.

Personally with my Kel-Tec P11 they recommend 'limited' use of +P rated ammo. Thus, I find something that I know will reliably feed by firing several expensive boxes absent a failure (right now my PD Round of choice is Hornady's Critical Duty not to be confused with their Critical Defense as the weights and general technology of the two differ). Once I have found that PD ammo of which I stake my life on, I no longer fire any further amount of +P ammo with the exception of a few rounds here and there throughout the course of the year.

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