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When you plan to use +P+, consider the gun.
Also consider the ammo. I'm perfectly comfortable shooting certain +P+ loadings like Winchester Ranger 127gr T-Series, Federal 115gr Hi-Shok, and Hirtenberger 100gr JSP in a modern, full-sized handgun because I know that all of those loadings were designed specifically for handguns. I would not, however, shoot other +P+ ammo like Hirtenberger 124gr FMJ in any handgun because I know that particular ammo was designed for submachine guns only.

There is not any upper limit on the pressures generated by a +P+, since it is not a SAAMI regulated design. So how much of a magnum load do you have? You don't know and neither do I.
Actually, in the case of my preferred 9mm +P+ loading, I do know because Winchester tells me. Its max. average pressure is 42,000 CUP which is approximately (there is no exact conversion of CUP to PSI) 46,000 PSI which, in turn, is approximately 30% over maximum standard pressure and approximately 19% over maximum +P pressure.

It is worthy of note, however, that I only shoot this ammunition in very limited amounts in a full-sized handgun of fairly recent manufacture (CZ-75B which was purchased new in 2004) and that a Wolff extra power recoil spring has been installed (16lbs vs. 14lbs factory).
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