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Brine him and slow will be good.

One of the chefs we do business has as a hobby cooking wild game and he convinced us to try his method on a big hog Louann shot. We cut the spine lose at the hams and then at the shoulders and then split the hams and shoulders ( neck still attached ).

The center spine section we cut in two after removing the ribs. This gave us 2 spine sections, 2 ribs and the 4 ham/shoulder sections.

These we dropped into a cooler with a seasoned brine/cure solution and set that in our walk-in cooler. If you don't have a walk-in all you need to do is float bags of ice in the brine to keep everything cold while not diluting the solution.

After 24 hours we pulled the ribs out, then about 12-18 hours later the 2 spine sections came out and then another day or so the ham/shoulder sections come out.

Then they get rubbed down with seasoning and go in a low heat ( 200-225 ) grill/smoker until the internal temp of the thickest piece is 160 or so. Took about 10 hours on this hog but it was so tender that you could shake the meat off the bones.

The cure makes it hold moisture and ( we used salt & nitrates ) enhanced the development of that pink smoke ring. About as good a wild hog as I've ever had.
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