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Well it's a Nagant dadgummit, and I want the gas seal !!! If I wanted a revolver without a gas seal and still have a 437 pound trigger pull, I'd a bought a Webley Mark IV.

Kraigwy, can you elaborate more on this part?
The crimping die then crimps the case after I set it up to match the crimp of factory bullets.
Match the crimp of Nagant factory ammo? What kind (Hotshot/prvi funny crimp or the Russian tapered crimp)? Or just a taper or roll crimp that is enough to allow the full length Nagant brass to slip enough into the cylinder to allow a gas seal? Do you have any issues with cracked case mouths because of the severe crimp that Hotshot/prvi/Fiocci puts on the factory ammo? How many reloads can you get from one case and still salvage a gas seal?
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